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SEO Company That Helps Businesses Increase Their Leads By Ranking Them #1 On Google!

It’s simple…if you don’t rank #1 then your competitors will! We specialize in Local SEO services serving the GTA and surrounding areas!

Generate more relevant traffic.

First things first. We need to get eyes on your website. With Kick Media Group we can position your website on the top of Google for the product or service you offer. No brainer!

Generate more phone calls and form leads.

Now that your potential clients can see you it's time to start generating leads. Part of our strategy is optimizing your website for conversion as well!

Close more leads at a higher percentage.

People on Google searching for your service or product already want to do business it's just getting in front of them. No bait and switch! SEO leads close at a 14x higher rate.


Services Can Help

Our digital marketing services are led by strategy, backed by data, and proven to drive growth. When you don’t have the resources or know-how to do it yourself, we deliver results.
If any of these sound familiar, you are at the right place. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients across a variety of industries to solve these same issues.
  • You need more leads
  • Other agencies didn’t understand your business
  • You can’t hire an in-house SEO team
  • You’ve had poor results with other agencies
  • You’re not sure what you paid for in the past
  • Your traffic Is declining or not growing
  • You’re falling behind the competition


Let us help boost your business online!

Case Studies

1- The Graze Anatomy

Within just six months, we successfully doubled the web traffic for The Graze Anatomy by employing a strategic SEO approach that balanced algorithmic optimization with a people-first focus. Our content showcased genuine expertise, offered real value to readers, and adhered closely to Google’s guidelines, helping us to not only rank at the top for competitive keywords but also improve user engagement. Through periodic reviews and fine-tuning, we maintained this growth while ensuring the content stayed relevant and satisfying for our audience. The result was a monumental boost in both visibility and credibility for The Graze Anatomy.

2- Citron Hygiene

In just six months, we successfully tripled Citron Hygiene’s website traffic through a meticulously crafted SEO strategy that blended technical optimization with high-quality, people-first content. Our approach was rooted in showcasing Citron Hygiene’s industry expertise and providing substantial value to its target audience. As a result, we not only ranked on top for several high-competition keywords but also improved overall user engagement and experience. Periodic reviews ensured that the content remained up-to-date and relevant, solidifying our top positions in search rankings and confirming the effectiveness of our strategy.

3- The Ultimate Mold Crew

Over the course of a year, we quadrupled the web traffic for The Ultimate Mold Crew by executing a robust SEO strategy that married technical finesse with high-quality, people-first content. By emphasizing the company’s specialized expertise in mold remediation, our content not only resonated deeply with the target audience but also secured top rankings for critical industry keywords. The strategy didn’t stop at initial success; regular content audits ensured that we stayed aligned with Google’s evolving guidelines and audience needs, further solidifying our high-ranking positions. This multifaceted approach led to a fourfold increase in traffic and solidified The Ultimate Mold Crew’s reputation as an industry leader.

Get a FREE SEO audit for your website and see how we can help grow your business online.

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