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A Marketing Agency situated in Toronto, Ontario. Kick Media Group provides holistic marketing solutions to businesses of all nature. From Brand Management, to Digital Marketing and Advertising, to Design and Print. When it comes to building a brand, or finding the best means of marketing for your business, there is no cookie cutter solution. The team at Kick Media Group will strategize, design and implement a solution tailored to your needs.
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Social Media Marketing

Leverage Social Media to build brand perception & grow your bottom line.


We provide a complete 360 social media solution inclusive of content creation, strategy and management. Our reputation management feature provides peace of mind as we become your eyes and ears online.

Digital Advertising

Cut the trial and error, and market directly to your targeted audience.


Once upon a time the option was Radio, than came TV, now the Internet is the greatest means of advertising. Is your brand effectively leveraging the Internet?

Brand Development

Ready to launch a new business? Current brand need a makeover?


Whether you are a new brand or an existing one looking for a refresh in the public eye. Our team will guide you from the initial steps of developing a brand identity to executing a go to market strategy.

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Social Media Marketing

Being active and engaging on Social Media is currently one of the most effective ways to attract new audiences and drive business to your brand.  Whether you’re a service based business that requires online presence via Social Media, or a Consumer facing brand and would like to grow your bottom line, our team takes care of the entire process.  We essentially become your eyes and ears online to ensure your brand perception is held in the highest regard.  We begin by building a strategy fitting to your brand and end goal, than create the content and manage the entire process thereafter.

Digital Advertising

Once upon a time the Radio was the greatest means of advertising until the Television was invented.  The Television than became one of the greatest means of advertising until the Internet came around.  The internet and digital advertising is arguably one of the greatest means of advertising today.  Over 90% of the adult population owns a mobile phone, which on average is checked 14 times a day.  There is no better place to target your ads than through the Internet.

Brand Building

Your Brand is your identity.  It is anything and everything you do.  The way your company is perecieved is a combined result of customer service, product delivery, product quality, reputation, the look and feel, essentially everything!  Whether you’re a new business, or an existing business, we work closely with our clients in developing their brand identity, and a strategy to build value.

Content Creation

We house a full team of content developers.  From Graphic, to Video, to Web, all work is completed in house.  This allows our clients the ability to sit 1 on 1 with the team to at any point to help develop or understand the strategy to help build their brand.

Strategy Development

Without a game plan, there’s nothing.  Prior to any project or campaign, a full thought out strategy is developed and shared with the client.  This allows input from the entire team, including the client, and experiences from multiple industries and age groups are considered in order to ensure the strategy designed is aligned to obtaining our end goal.

Promotional Products

Whether your team needs a new uniform or your sales staff needs an embroidered polo shirt to look great for a tradeshow, Kick Media Group is your one stop shop for all your logo’d apparel and promotional product needs.  Click Here To View.

Web Design

Our goal is to provide an end to end result, starting from designing the web page, to finalizing the logo and creating the interactive graphics. Getting an official website designed for your company is the first step towards setting up your business because if you are not available online then you aren’t available anywhere. We specialize in responsive web design, development, shopify customization, e-commerce websites and SEO.

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