Background: King Tandoori, a revered name in the South Asian culinary scene, boasting six locations and a celebrity-studded reputation, approached Kick Media Group in pursuit of a comprehensive re-brand and strategic marketing plan for business expansion. Established in 2009, King Tandoori had become synonymous with exceptional Indian cuisine, making it a nationally recognized destination.

Re-branding and Growth Strategy: King Tandoori’s collaboration with Kick Media Group aimed at refreshing its brand identity and orchestrating a growth-focused marketing campaign. The ultimate goal was to transition from a local favorite to a widely recognized franchise with a target of 50 locations. This endeavor required a holistic approach, encompassing brand identity, digital presence, website revamp, and the establishment of a franchise-friendly structure.

Brand Refresh: Kick Media Group embarked on refreshing King Tandoori’s brand identity, ensuring it aligned with the brand’s rich heritage and contemporary aspirations. The goal was to strike a balance between tradition and modernity, creating a brand image that resonated with both loyal patrons and new audiences.

Digital Transformation: The agency undertook a comprehensive digital transformation, including the revamping of King Tandoori’s website and optimizing its digital presence. This involved enhancing online menus, streamlining ordering processes, and implementing effective online marketing strategies to improve customer engagement and attract new audiences.

Franchise Structure Implementation: Kick Media Group actively worked with King Tandoori to lay the groundwork for franchise expansion. This included educating the client on franchise marketing, developing campaigns tailored for scalability, and outlining the necessary Point-of-Purchase (POP) and other marketing materials essential for consistent brand representation across multiple locations.

Educational Partnership: Recognizing the need for client empowerment, Kick Media Group took on the role of educators, guiding King Tandoori on effective marketing strategies, campaign creation, and the importance of various marketing materials. This collaborative approach aimed at ensuring the client possessed the knowledge and tools necessary to independently manage and market their growing franchise network.

Enhancing Customer Experience: The agency worked diligently on all fronts, both online and in-restaurant, to enhance the overall customer experience. This involved refining online interactions, implementing feedback mechanisms, and optimizing in-restaurant processes to maintain the high standards that King Tandoori was known for.

Ongoing Support for Achieving Goals: As the collaboration progressed, Kick Media Group provided continuous support, adapting strategies to the evolving needs of King Tandoori’s expanding business. This included refining marketing campaigns, addressing challenges in real-time, and ensuring a seamless brand experience across all locations.

Results: The partnership between Kick Media Group and King Tandoori marked a transformative journey. With the agency’s strategic guidance, King Tandoori successfully rebranded, expanded its digital footprint, and established a franchise-friendly structure. The brand is now well on its way to achieving the goal of 50 locations, solidifying its position as a culinary icon not just within the South Asian community but on a national scale.